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Position: State Lands Management Coordinator

Company: Florida Forest Service

Location: Tallahassee, FL






Todd Knapp, (850) 681-5879


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Forestry or related field and two (2) years of professional experience in forestry; or

A master’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Forestry or related field and one (1) years of professional experience in forestry; or

An associate’s degree in Forestry or related and four (4) years of professional experience in forestry.

Professional experience in forestry can substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required college education.

Requires possession of a valid driver license.


Reviews all timber sales using the Forest Product Sales (FPS) System, reviews timber sale policies and procedures and maintains the FPS system. Tracks timber market trends to time timber sales to meet agency needs as well as maximize revenue. Monitors timber sale contracts for expiration dates and works with the field to close out or amend contracts as needed. Works with field units to develop and manage cattle leases, apiary leases, and other forest product agreements to provide these services and generate revenue. Renews and amends agreements as needed.

Tracks and provides weekly state lands revenue reports to the State Lands Supervisor. Projects expected state lands revenue from the beginning through the end of the fiscal year; report frequency is periodically and as directed.

Supervises two (2) Other Public Land (OPL) Senior Forester positions that coordinate timber sales and reforestation efforts on other state, county, and/or municipal lands, including assessments for timber management in ten-year management plans. Provides direction and supervision to OPL Senior Foresters working on management plan advisory groups and land management reviews on state conservation lands.

The position is the direct supervisor for the Senior Forester and Forester positions that facilitate communication between the Florida Forest Service and National Forests in Florida and conduct fieldwork authorized under the Good Neighbor Authority agreements. Administers the Master and Supplemental Good Neighbor Agreements in Florida to help with timber sale preparation, administration, forest inventory/common stand exams, archeology surveys, rare plant surveys, and road management. Ensures annual operational plans are developed and followed. Reviews fiscal reports for accuracy. Monitors the FFS Fiscal Section requests for reimbursements from the USFS to the FFS to ensure requests are accurate and timely. Makes sure annual accomplishment reports are completed and submitted as identified in the agreement. Works with USFS and FFS staff to rewrite or amend agreements as necessary.

Compiles year-end revenue and timber harvest data to be used for “Payment to the Counties Report”, in which 15% of gross receipts from each state forest that is located in a fiscally constrained county, is returned to the county in which the state forest is located. Assists with Land Management Uniform Accounting Council (LMUAC) reporting.

Assists the Forest Management Bureau and field units with annual Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) audits and compliance. Performs SFI internal audits on state forests within the program, provides field unit personnel instruction on documentation requirements, assists with annual management reviews and continuous improvement meetings, and readiness reviews. Participates in the desk audits and supports field personnel as needed on-field audits. Works with the State Lands Supervisor to review draft audit reports and annual surveys.

This individual is responsible and accountable for managing budget/dollars/resources (staff, vehicles, computers, cell phones, etc.) of any assigned programs in an efficient and accountable manner.  This individual is responsible for ensuring that assigned program areas have operational procedures and processes which result in accountability and compliance with Florida Forest Service (FFS) and department policies and procedures.

Performs related duties as required.

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