No industry in our state needs a political action organization more than forestry: Most forestry operations are in North Florida, but most legislators are from South Florida. Political action and education is crucial for our industry’s viewpoint to be represented in the legislature.

TREEPAC is the official political action committee (PAC) for the Association. It is governed by a Board of Directors composed of active Association members and officers. The Board oversees the operations of TREEPAC; hosts fundraisers; and determines the level of financial support given to candidates.

TREEPAC is non-partisan. Contributions are made to state legislative candidates based solely on their support for our industry and their pro-business philosophies.

Through our members’ generous donations, TREEPAC is able to contribute to the campaigns of incumbents and candidates who understand forestry in Florida.

Supporting TREEPAC helps elect candidates who will work to protect your ability to grow, harvest and use forest resources.

To donate to TREEPAC, click here.