Florida Forests Week

Florida Forests Week

We all know the many benefits that managed forests provide — now it’s time to share that message with others!

October 31-November 6, 2021, you are invited and encouraged to celebrate Florida Forests Week by telling the forestry story to the audience of your choice. We have ideas (and support materials!) for everyone!

We will compile a list of events being held in honor of Florida Forests Week. To add your name and event to the list, please email with your name, contact information and the way in which you will be participating.

Do you like to work with children?
Ask the principal of your local elementary school if you could do an activity with one of their classes (We suggest fourth graders). We have materials to help!

Do you have public speaking opportunities?
Volunteer to speak at a Rotary, Kiwanis or other local civic/professional group meeting. Not sure what to say? Download a Powerpoint Presentation. We also have a speech outline and a complete script that can accompany the Powerpoint or be presented independently.

Do you like to see your name in print?
Write an opinion piece or press release for your local paper! Not sure what to say? Here are several examples you can use!

Do you work for a mill or own forestland?
Invite people to take a tour! Possible audiences are governmental officials/staff, the local community, environmental organizations or any group you have a personal connection with. Knowledge is power, so let’s empower as many people as possible with factual information about working forests!

Would you like your city or county commission to pass a resolution recognizing Florida Forests Week?
See what the 2015 state proclamation says!

We also have a Florida Forestry Facts sheet, full of good information to help with whatever project you choose! Other great handouts include Goods from the WoodsPaper vs. Plastic and our Working Forests Work brochure.

Do you have a social media account?
Use #FloridaForests for your posts!
 Selfies at work or in the forests, action shots of forestry equipment, photos of your favorite “Goods from the Woods” — share your forest pride your way! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share and retweet our posts and tag us on yours! Search #floridaforestsweek and see what others are sharing!

Our goal is to have forestry’s story told in schools, meetings and newspapers across the state during Working Forests Week. People just like you (and hopefully you!) will be taking our message to classrooms, civic/professional groups and the media — and it will be SO EASY!

The equation for success is simple:

Tools on this page + your personal touch = forestry’s message shared

If you decide to accept this challenge, let us know! Email with your name, contact information and the way in which you will be participating in Working Forests Week. 

Your complete Florida Forests Week toolbox:

If you have any questions, need further assistance or want to register your activity, please email or call 850.222.5646.