Burn Authorizations

Activities That Require a Burn Authorization

The following activities require a burn authorization from the Florida Forest Service:

  • Agricultural burning
  • Silvicultural burning
  • Land clearing
  • Pile burning
  • Acreage burning

Activities That Do NOT Require a Burn Authorization

You do not need a burn authorization to burn yard waste as long as:

  • The pile is less than 8 feet in diameter,
  • You meet the required setbacks, and
  • There are no local, city or county ordinances in place that prohibit burning.

Check with your local city and county fire officials to find out if there are any restrictions in your area.

How to Get a Burn Authorization

Read  the Florida Forest Service’s Steps to Getting an Authorization and Know the Law Before Burning Outdoors in Florida.

To learn more and to find your local contact for requesting a burn authorization, click here.