Working Forest Partners

Working Forest Partners (WFP) is a diverse statewide coalition with representatives from all aspects of the forest industry, environmental advocacy groups & governmental agencies who share an appreciation of Florida’s working forests & their significant benefits, such as their potential to be an integral part of the solution to our state’s issues concerning water quality & quantity.

The group held a roundtable discussion in December 2020 at the Goodwood Museum in Tallahassee.

The group, chaired by Association Vice President Carlton Jones and Audubon Florida Executive Director Julie Wraithmell, discussed legislative issues with areas of common interest and support.

Specific issues and actions were delved into as Association Executive Vice President Alan Shelby shared possible priorities for the group: hurricane relief and recovery, Rural and Family Lands, Florida Forever and others. The discussion was healthy and engaged, leading to better understanding among the various groups represented.

“Even greater than the individual issues discussed is the discussion itself,” said Shelby. “I believe that WFP can and will play a tremendous role in keeping working forests working in Florida through continued communication on focused areas of mutual concern and agreement.”